4 days! September 29, 2013

That is how long it has been since I wrote last, 4 days. So as you know a lot has happened. Actually not much. First off I want to share a fashion tip for anyone who wants to start becoming more Hong Kong. G-Shock. Everyone has got one. They are neat, they are rad, they are watches. The goods.

Anyways this weekend was good.
I guess I will tell you a kind of funny story first. So we have these cards that we pass out here that have a QR code to link people to our online system and to mormon.org. Well I usually keep them in my Book of Mormon I carry around and my pocket. Well the other day we were out finding and I picked up some random Yuh-Gi-Oh cards on the ground. Well I had forgotten I put them in my pocket before I threw them away. So as we were talking to a lady, she was in a rush and needed to head to work. So I hurry and reached into my pocket to give her a card and when my hand came out of my pocket, I was about to hand her a Yuh-Gi-Oh card. It was pretty funny/awkward. I then hurry and grabbed the "I'm a Mormon" card and handed it to her. She had a good little laugh with us and went on her way. So lesson learned, don't put cards in my pocket. 

Well this week the Lord helped me out again. On friday, I was struggling in spirit with the language once again. Just not feeling as if I was able to do the Lord's work because I couldn't communicate. After a few fails in speaking and multiple long prayers in my heart, we continued on. As we were walking and I was dying inside, I felt that I should talk to this one man walking by. So I decided to do what I could to stop him. and I did. When he pulled out his headphones, out came english, thick scottish english. He was really cool. He had grown up in Scotland and just moved to Hong Kong again. He stopped and talked to us for a little. He was very nice and we talked about life and religion. He believes in buddhism. He enjoys that spiritual part of it and Nirvana. We were able to share out testimonies of the power of the Holy Spirit and how we can become closer to God. It was a little bummer when he didn't have interest and left after our conversation.

After the conversation, as we walked away gravity loosened its grip on me and I felt much more peace inside. I am so grateful that the Lord directed us to be in His path. It really is so true that the Lord answers us through others. He had prompted me to talk to this man, to stop and take a turn. Heavenly Father could have done plenty of things to have helped me, like allowing me to speak the language, but instead He allowed me to talk to my new friend. For all I know, he needed to talk that day. But I do know that God is fair and loving. That was just another witness of it.

 Another day this week as we were walking home one night, I said hi to this old man walking next to us and he turned and said something I rarely hear. "Hello friend, have you eaten rice yet?" (asking about eating rice is like have you eaten yet type thing) To hear him called me friend made me feel so happy. It's true the simple little things in life are so uplifting. So simple and so great. So now, as I walk around I am going to start letting people now that I see them as my friend because I know Christ would do the same. 

One scripture I have really enjoyed is 1 Peter 5:14. When you read this verse, I love how it says greet ye one another with a kiss of charity. Charity is such an amazing thing and can be shown in many ways. I know that we can share that charity and give it freely. I have been shown it many times in my life. I also like how he uses the word kiss. A kiss is something people do to show love and affection. It is something special. So I know when we know that, we will start to treat others differently because love will be among us when we serve and lift up others. I also like when he says peace be with you that are in Christ Jesus. I know that is true. That if we are following our Savior, peace will be with us. Sometimes I find it hard to find in hard times, but eventually it is always revealed. I am thankful for Christ and I know He is our Savior. I know we have peace when we follow Him and that this peace is true. 
Elder Townsend

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