City Life October 13, 2013

Well it's official. I am now in my second area!! I am pretty excited! It'll be really good, filled with new adventures and miracles... I hope! So I just got transferred to an area called TST. Tsim Sha Tsui (honestly, i dont know how it is spelled yet...) But this area is HUGE! It includes so much area, like tons of places. In fact, I have only seen a wee bit of it so far. 
But what is it? The city!!! Yep, I am in the city now! It's wild. Super busy. Tons of people. Awesome. We live in Mong Kok (which is our area) and we live over the famous Lady Street. Basically one of those cheap fake stuff places that attracts everyone. But I am loving it out here, it is really awesome. I have been only able to meet a few ward members so far and they are awesome, super nice. My new companion is Elder Goronson. He got here last move and has really good chinese so far. He also has a huge desire to learn it which is super good for me because that'll help me have a better desire! haha Elder Goronson is really cool and I am really looking forward to this move, I think it will go really well.

Well this weekend was conference weekend for us out here in the land of Hong Kong. Man, I wish we could watch it like twice in a  row. I feel like so sad when it is over because it was so good hearing the words of the prophets. Oh and it kind of was hard for me to understand all of the conference because some people spoke english too fast.. haha as in, I am super used to slow english now and when some people spoke it was a little fast. I really liked what they shared though. 

I liked the HUGE focus on missionary work and also the amount of using the Atonement. One thing that really stuck out to me was when President Monson shared that there is light and there is sorrow. But through the best and the worst, He is always there. I love how Christ is always there for us, through it all. I know that is true because I truly have felt that. I also liked the focus on families and also less active member work. As we were at a members home last night, we shared a message on happiness. We watched a video on Mormon Messages called Our Fun Family Vacation. After watching this we talked a lot on families and where we find happiness. One thing that the members shared is through the gospel and their family they have found happiness. That the knowledge of the Plan of Salvation brings them happiness. It is true that through God we will find happiness and that through our family we find it as well. I am so thankful that I am able to have an awesome family and I have been able to learn a lot and learn love. 

Alright, I only had 30 minutes today at the library (and the computer wouldn't turn on for 10 of that!) so I am out of time now. Sorry it is short. I am doing good. Life is good. This mission is good stuff. I have all limbs and every thing. Hopefully I get hit by a car. That'd be cool. obviously with no damage to me.

Elder Townsend

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