TST lovin' October 20, 2013

So I am loving my new area it is so great! I still can't believe how big it is! Elder Goronson and I have been heading around and been able to get some solid finding time in! In fact, Heavenly Father has just been blessing us with miracles as we go along! 

Alright want to know a fun fact. Elder Goronson and I were out finding and we stopped to talk to this one guy who was reading some papers and like a magazine the other day. He was kind of in a random spot, not waiting for the bus or anything. Well as we stopped to talk to him he was like looked at us then looked down and reached for his pocket. I was expecting him to pull out his phone and turn off his music to talk to us or something like that. Nope. Instead he pulled out a badge and was like I am a police officer, I am on duty right now. I am busy. We totally talked to an undercover officer maybe. Yeah, cool story.

Anyways, so this week started off awesome. Tuesday night while we were out finding, we were checking out an area and it wasn't the best for finding so we decided to leave. As we were going, I decided we should stop in Hung Hom and check out an area. I wasn't sure if this was me just wanting to see the Island lit up at night or if this was the spirit hinting. So we decided to go. Well while we were walking on the Promanade, right before we left the area we ran into a man. Usually the foreigners won't talk to us here so it was weird to have someone come up to us, but then he introduced himself as Brother Adler from Germany. Then he talked to us for a bit and we came to find out that he has been doing business here in HK for 18 years and he was a great man. He wanted to go look at the light night show they do across the harbour at night with us. We had a little time so we decided to go walk with him, talk and watch the show too. Mainly we just talked. He was sharing some great things with us and it just felt so good to talk to him. He talked a lot about really understanding priorities and the importance of looking to eternity and really signaling in on what life is and the blessings of it. It was amazing what he shared. As we were leaving I asked him "now remind me brother, what was your name again?" he then was like "brother, well actually Elder Adler. I am in the third quorum of the Seventy. So I am a general Authority." It was so cool, we met a General Authority and able to talk with him for a little time! He was inspiring. One of my most favorite parts though, was after chatting with him, I went to shake his hand goodbye and he pulled me in and gave me a hug. I could just feel love in his embrace and just honestly, Christ's love. and that was what I needed to remember, we can all show Christ's love and be able to share it with others. I knew it was definitely God's hand that placed us there. In Chinese we say something like God's will or hand in things.. I don't really know how to translate it, but that was definitely the perfect time for that word! haha

Well after being able to chat with Elder Adler, the days that followed were miracles. It felt as each time Elder Goronson and I went out finding, we were able to stop people and teach them . We were able to pray with them and bear witness that God is their Heavenly Father and that He is wanting to help them. We were also able to share on the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and how it can bless our lives and bring us closer to God by following the words of it. 

I also was able to learn of the true power of fasting this week. I know that through our sacrifice, God will help us. After I fasted this week, after that God supplied. He helped me just be able to understand when others spoke to me and helped me share my feelings. We also were able to commit our investigator to baptism! He is awesome, we will have to work with him and help him get ready for baptism. also need to get him coming to church! 

All in all this week went super fast, but was jam packed of the tender mercies of God. 
Like one of my most favorite little mercies is a man named Jack Swagger. well I don't know if that is his last name, but it should be. As we were walking around last monday night, I was like seriously? what am i doing here! this is so hard and blah blah blah.. you know thinking of myself. But then all of a sudden i hear, "now what are you doing out here in these neck of the woods?" my first thought was, woh haven't heard that in awhile and then I see this guy with a basketball, thug look and big ole smile. Came to find out he was born and raised in the "beautiful, blessed, glorious state of Florida." Jack was hilarious he shared of how he is sharing of Jesus, and how He has blessed him. Then, since he was in a rush to play ball, said to us, "you keep up that work. You keep your heads up and walk with strength, walk with Jesus! Bring as many souls to Him as you can! God bless you!" that was when I was like, yep, i am doing this. And all my lame attitude was gone and the worked started. Thank you Jake.

Seriously this reminded me of the importance of just keeping that attitude of faith and just remembering that hey it doesn't matter, we got good things to come. Smile and do work. 
Well I don't know what else to say.
love you.
Elder Townsend
1. me and the cat. This is the Wong's family cat named Blessing
2. Happy Birthday to you know, us. Thanks to Brother Foo.
3. Hitting up Dim Sum with Hank, A-Po, and Jarvan.

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