Prayer works Oct. 6, 2013

On Monday we were looking for a less active member's home to visit them and we couldn't find it. The road that the address had on it and the building didn't match up. We had asked people where it was and they were not sure. So what did we do? well pretty obvious, we prayed. After prayer Elder Kwan and I were guided. We were walking a way we felt was right, and then we felt we needed to ask a person where to go. So we asked the person and they knew where to tell us to go. 
Then as we continued walking (honestly this would look like an epic scene in a movie, rain drizzling, dark night with street lights, taking random turns) and then we eventually ran right into the place. As we got there we made our way up the stairs to the home. Sadly, when the person opened the door and saw us, it was put back into the shut position. That was a little bummer because we had this amazing direction to them and when we finally got to them, they didn't want to talk.
 But I was able to strengthen my testimony in the power of the guidance of the Holy Spirit. and I hope the people felt that we truly loved them and that's why we continued forward in searching for them. I hope they remember how much Christ loves them.

Well on Tuesday that night, my bones started shaking and my skin started tingling. Then it was like that for the rest of the week. You know one of those crazy chinese illnesses that get the white people like me. I pretty much had a nice fever, got something like strep, and my body didn't want the food. So I spent some time on the bed sleeping. But since I sleep on the inner top bunk, I got tired of climbing out of the bed and almost falling to my doom everytime that I ended up sleeping on the nice tile ground. Which might I add was very comfortable. I took a blanket and just laid there. Luckily the tile was cool and the fan was rotating. And now I am here standing well sitting typing an email without really any fever anymore or anything. Just a cough. Thanks to Sister Hawks who helped me out a lot in my sickness. She is great. Seriously she could be a doctor after the mission. haha
The reason why I was healed. Well because I got a priesthood blessing from my fellow missionaries. I know that through God's power I was able to get better. Even though it took awhile, I was able to get better and not have anything bad happen. 

Oh! a cool miracle happened. So the first day, wednesday, I wasn't feeling to well, we had a lesson that was really important. Going to go visit a mother and her son. Mainly the mother wanted us helping her son. Well as we were walking over, I was feeling miserable but I knew we needed to teach this lesson. So as we were starting to walk into the building, I prayed and asked Heavenly Father to remove this sickness at least just for the lesson so we could effectively teach it and have the spirit. Well as I walked into the door, I felt normal, I felt good. Then after the lesson right as we walked out the sickness got me again. I thought it was so cool how Heavenly Father allowed me to be healed for that time. That is just another testimony builder that He sure does listen and answer.
Well I am not sure what else to type.
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