Happy almost New Year!!!!

well Christmas was good! 
so what happened.. Well on Christmas Eve we had a ward party!!! It was awesome! We were able to have many of less active members come and also our friend Joe made it!! There was lots of noodles and rice and other good stuff. Solid time. Us missionaries performed Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. We gave it a little twist, but it worked out. I think they understood.. haha they laughed. The party had other people do talents so it was fun. 

On Christmas, I woke up and it sure was cold! haha but I had my little space heater on my toes so it was cool. We did studies and then that day we headed over to a members house. Their son is serving here right now and then the youngest is less active. He was way cool. We just built a relationship and got to know him. See how we can help him and become his friend. We ate lunch and then we had to blast. Why? 
Well there is another member family who they had a little party and the mother invited us! So basically we were to help all the little kids make snowmen, santa, and what not. Then the parents saw us and were like oh, how sweet of people. Then we talk to them and get to know them. and... It was so fun and great. 
All the little kids go to an English school so their English is great and they LOVE speaking it to us! So it was nice. The whole time we were there made it feel so much more like Christmas because of all the little kids running around, playing, the parents sitting and watching and smiling. It was great, but then we had to leave. 

We met up with a friend and talked with him for a little bit at the church, then he left. So we (TST elders and sisters) went up with a couple of the sisters investigators that they just taught and had a very merry leftover Christmas dinner. It was fun, at some grub and talked for a little bit. our food was from the party the night before that some of the members had saved for us which was super nice! After dinner we made our way to the streets by our house to go and try to talk to some people. Unfortunately we didn't have a Christmas miracle, but we wished people Merry Christmas. We even had an awesome little Christmas message prepared. As we walked around that night, I was thinking about Christ and what he has done for us and it just made me smile. It was nice to fully remember Him this year and rely on Him. It is even more special to be able to share of Him each day and know that He wants to help each and everyone of us and when we let Him, He does. 

Well later this week we didn't have much luck with street finding and neither with our investigators who were busy. But we were able to stop by Sister Lam and her Husband's shop (our investigators) and wish them a Merry Christmas. I had saved them a few candy canes so it was a good excuse to see them! haha But when we opened the door to their shop, it felt so great to see them! I just feel like they are family. They are so awesome.

Well other than that, we felt pretty cool one night. We went looking for some non active members homes and we had 7 on the list. out of the 7, we found that only 1 of the addresses existed! as in the floor didn't exist they lived on or there wasn't even apartments at the street number. So instead we would walk into buildings and then walk out, pull out a pen, write stuff down, and continue on. Well there was a few mainland women together and they saw and were like speaking mandarin not sure of who we were. So it gave us an excuse and say hello and introduce our church. Obviously i don't speak mandarin but I know how to say who we are, what church we represent, and how the gospel blesses them. haha that is about it.
Alright this was a random email. but I hope its alright. I just thought the non existant address this was funny.
Well I know this Gospel is the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and what better way to start off a new year with goals of serving Him more and being able to give more of our time and love to our Savior then in the year of 2014. So my challenge is to just spend a little more time loving, smiling, and serving. And most importantly having Christ as our foundation.
Elder Townsend or Sugar cause that's what they call me!
1. the party with santa
2. the party with the families!
TST Elders and Sister

Jolly Santa Claus

Rudolf the crazy reindeer

Fun times with kids

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