Empty!?! Feb. 2, 2014

Yep, coming up to Chinese New Year the streets were packed with people, mainly people from mainland China to buy stuff. 
It was super busy and noisy. But then when the day hit Friday, we headed out to teach a lesson and stop in Kwun Tong to meet with the zone leaders for language evals, I was confused. Where did all the people of Hong Kong go? The MTR was empty and I thought they all vanished. When we got to Kwun Tong and went to go pick up a rice box from the market, there out of like 30 shop things was 2 open. It was a ghost town! 

When we were heading out to head to our area again, the families were out. A lot of them. All the little kids dressed in traditional clothes and running around happy. So the adults give the younger people red pockets which have money in them so obvious all the kids were stoked on how they just became rich men and are eating great food i guess! Anyways we did a fun little family find as a district on a bridge in Hung Hom and it was fun. 
Everyone was rushing to places so had to make them interested a little but mainly just handed out TONS of family cards. I got pretty creative and would hide the cards in my hand. Since they are business size it was perfect. Then I would shake their hand and wham! the card was there. Some people loved it haha crazy gwaailouh. Other than that, i had fun. Bridge finding is hard but super fun because of that reason it is so fast paced and doesn't require me to have good Chinese! I also met this super fly kid from Korea and who lived in Japan too so I let him know I had some good friends serving there too. Love to make the littlest connections. haha
Well anyways, didn't get to participate much or really at all with the Chinese new year. Got to see the decorations and people. The sisters in the ward got to so they are lucky. I was SUPER bummed though about the fireworks. Honestly, I prayed so hard that i would be in this area for Chinese new year so I could go see the fireworks because the best view is from our area. Well that day was deep clean so it would have been perfect to see them as well. Well the other elders in our flat went and scheduled people so the flat was just left to my companion and I to clean. So by the time 800 rolled around, we were locked in the confines of our flat. then at 815 this 12 year old kid that shows up to English class called and was like are you watching?? it is beautiful! and all that jazz. Made me so sad. So from our flat, i could see flashes in the sky (darn skyscrapers) and I totally did a creeper thing. I looked out our window across the street into another building and watched them on someones tv for a little. yeah so weird. But come one, this opportunity only happens once. So sad still.

This past monday was epic! A few of us elders and a couple of our sisters went out to have burgers for our year mark! it was so dang fun! They are all so rad and we enjoyed them time. Also we got our new name tags in! for sure will send a picture of them!

Well this week due to the Chinese new year didn't teach anyone. But we had this awesome ward member go less active finding (finding their homes) this week. He spent about 10 hours with us!! Yeah that is so amazing. First time i have ever had a member go with us places and he scheduled us again for this week! Such a great example of self-less service and also the desire to bring his ward back to activity and help those who once enjoyed the gospel's blessings. We were able to locate a few people but most were incomplete addresses, not home, or moved. But we have a list of about 300 men to visit so definitely lots to do! 

well hope all is well and honestly, didn't realize this week went so fast so I have nothing to report on. 
OH! A-Ming came to church this sunday!!!! Yeah didn't have work so he could come. He LOVED it enjoyed it so much. Such a miracle. He wants to come so bad, but just can't get work off. I hope this experience will help him find a way how to attend. And the members invited him to a bbq today so that was so awesome! We will be going to and the area is out back in my old stomping grounds so I will see the good ole' Tai Po and Dai Mei Dok today!

Body Health; Forever Young, Forever Beautiful; May You Have Posterity; and most importantly Happy New Year. (had to give some blessings out)
Elder Townsend

One year out! 

Attempt at a jump picture...failed!

Cola toothpaste for kids ?!?

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