Hey Hey!! Feb. 16, 2014

Alright due today's situation, this email is going to be shorter. I am in the Mac Store. We have to go renew my companion's hong Kong ID so we were unable to schedule computers. 

So I got a new companion and I got to stay in TST!! :) I love TST it is the best. Well my new companion is named Elder Ma. He is from Australia. He was born in HK but then at 8 moved to the land of Oz. He is a cool guy, super excited to be out here to do work and speaks perfect Chinese, obviously. haha So he will be able to help me out with that one. He is Australian so he will occasionally say cool things too. haha

Well this week we had some awesome little tender mercies. While we were out finding, Heavenly Father was placing people in our path. In two days we were able to hand out 4 Book of Mormons to people that really seemed to have interest!! Yeah that is like a record. It was really cool, there was this one guy we walked into and he had recently changed his life and wanted to follow Christ. He had already seen the change in his life and was still wanting more. We were able to talk with him and while with him we shared about what we must do to follow Christ. The conversation led me to bringing up 2 Nephi 25:23 with him. We talked about grace and mercy. This scripture allowed him to see that we will be saved by grace "after all we can do." We talked why that is so important and bore testimony of how He will essentially "fill in the rest." 

I thought a lot about this afterwards and it brought me to think of Elder Christofferson's "daily bread" mormon messages and on how he said that the Lord understands we aren't perfect but He is willing to work with us day by day. I have been thinking about that a lot. What does it mean for me to work day by day? Am I being like the Israelites and going out every morning and gathering the manna I need for the day? I have found the way I really can gather that manna. That is through my daily scripture study and not just reading but seeking, then thanking the Lord for what He has giving me. I have found it in going out each day and making almost a fool out of myself. But it's alright, at least they might remember. But I like it. I like going out everyday and having to work for it. It's a nice challenge and really teaching me to work.

 A couple of days ago, we walked into a guy that was really nice. He was nice and was listening to us while we shared, but you know just being nice. Well he decided that he would say a prayer with us and talk a little more. When we sat down, he saw my Book of Mormon. Instantly he was like, what is this?? We then explained and shared on it. While we were sharing and showing him some scriptures of the Book of Mormon, I was able to see the power of those words. The Spirit was guiding us and helping us know what scriptures to share. It was really special. Right to his needs. Dang, it is so true that Christ and Heavenly Father know us. Sometimes I get all frustrated inside because with Chinese I can't focus my thoughts. I can't remember what is being said and I always have a headache at the end of the day. But sometimes it is nice. Because it really makes me have to rely on the Lord at the very minute . I do believe that the scripture in Doctrine and Covenants is true because there is no way I would be able to say anything when we are there. I just don't have the talent or the brains, but the Lord does. It's seriously amazing to me on how He does His work. I feel so blessed. In the rain and the sun, He seems to help my needs. I just hate how slow I am at noticing the things He does for me. I hope one day I will be able to recognize things right away! 

Well Sister Lam is doing great, she has her mother's funeral coming up so hoping everything goes alright for her. A-Ming said he is training for a new job! So that hopefully means he will be able to come to church eventually. We had a couple of new friends come to church this sunday which was awesome. Also I was able to interview the sisters' investigator for baptism and she was one of the most sincere people I have met. She really has such a true desire to follow Christ and change her life to properly follow Him. She bore testimony on how He through the Atonement removed the guilt that she has felt in her life. On how Heavenly Father has really allowed her to know she is His daughter. Throughout everything she had her mind set to the eternities and desires to have that eternal reward. One of the coolest parts was when she was like, when can I go to the temple and get baptized for my mom? She is probably waiting for me. Just so awesome how she sees it. Sees the work that God has for her and ready to hit the ground running. In fact last this Sunday she dedicated it to keep it completely to the Lord, to keep it holy. That night she gave the sisters a call on how amazing that day ended up being and that the Lord helped her out. So awesome. Blessings everywhere. And she gets baptized next sunday which is my baptism day!! So fun!

Well that is pretty much it. Life is good. Just doing the daily grind. Elder Holland will be speaking to us on the 25th so that'll be good.
Well yeah, not sure what to say now... oh it was SOO cold this week. Coldest I have felt. thought i was going to die. my mtc companion bought too small of thermal underwear so he sent them my way, you know me being short and all.. but it is great. I wear them everyday. sometimes two pair. double the socks. and still struggle at the whole man up thing with the cold... they just don't have dang heaters here. only ac. so when people wear coats to church, the ac is on. by the way the new mac stuff looks pretty cool and i like it all. haha
Elder Townsend
also sorry i don't have my pictures on me. better luck next year. or week.

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