hay is for horses and that what the year is!!! Feb.9, 2014

Ni hao. Leih hou. Hello. hi. 
Well yeah BIG NEWS in fact this is insane. Yep, McDonald's changed the big mac from being $21 HK to now about $33 HK. Yeah I know. For the past few years its been 21 but it changed. So insane. Looks like your boy won't be eating big macs anymore... It's cool, maybe I might lose a pound or two. Honestly, that is like the most interesting news I had for yah... 

Well this week I really don't believe happened. In fact I don't think it did. On monday we went with some ward members and less-active members bbq-ing. Hong Kong bbq's like the best way ever. Soo doing it in the meihgwok as well. So it was a great experience, our members are so nice and we had a great time with them and able to build relationships. I love these members, they are so awesome. Our investigator A-Ming was supposed to come, but he ended up being busy. Bummer. So how they bbq is that you show up to this place and it costs like $80HK and you get in. You get 1 can drink and a loaf of bread. You then get all you can eat meat and fish/raw food. Then you get scewers and roast them over an open fire. I will send pics. But its like what we do with hot dogs, but they do it with everything. and then you put honey on it when about cooked and finish up the job. super fun.

Alright well this week was cool. We got to teach an investigator of ours. He is a member's son and he is the coolest guy ever. He is super nice and humble and just awesome. best of all, he speaks English! Yeah so the lesson is hard-core english. But since he goes to an English school, he reads better english now so we read the Book of Mormon in English with him! haha We shared the plan of salvation with him and he really seemed to enjoy it. When we asked him, where he wants to end up of the 3 of God's kingdoms he was like Celestial for sure. So that means I need to get baptized? So he accepted baptism and he also is wanting to keep meeting with him. It is so great to see him really desire to go back to his Heavenly Father and also be able to just become a better person. When we talk to him, it's just awesome to see how humble he is and the desire he has. That is why I was stoked to share the Plan of Salvation with him because I LOVE that lesson. The power behind it just knowing who we are and the potential we have. That God gave us the perfect plan and how amazing the Atonement is. it is just too perfect and teaching it just makes me feel like, yeah it may be hard at times, but there is something amazing at the end. The nice thing to its not like we always look forward to it to be at the end, but we feel the blessings of it now! So great. The only bummer is that he is SUPER busy. He is 15 and so busy. Studying so much and tons of classes. A super genius. In fact during the break he had classes to go to. dang. I would so die.

Well That is pretty much it. We had another YSA FHE at a member's house last night and it was great. We shared a message on how do we keep the faith? what do we individually do when things are hard. It was great because everyone shared what they do and to see the faith they have. We watched a video of Elder Nelson talking about faith and self confidence. to take things and not demand things that are unreasonable but to demand improvement. and to watch the Lord help us. Not to sit back and watch, but more as go into the problem head first and then afterwards see how much God helped you and how much your faith has grown.
 As we shared this I remembered one of my favorite talks by President Eyring "Mountains to Climb" and thought, do I have the faith to pray for a mountain to climb? do I have the courage? One of the people there, this amazing friend of the sisters who is getting baptized in this month and she shared how every time she feels nervous or stressed she looks at her phone and reads out loud what is written on the page. "always keep the faith" I thought that was cool because she always says it out loud so she can hear herself never giving up. 

Also we had many scriptures and thoughts shared. But all in all, we all shared on how it will always bring us closer to God, understand Christ more, and allow His Atonement in our life. To always know that yes it may be hard, but everything happens for a reason. And that if you don't understand what reason, well Heavenly Father does and that is enough. Trust and walk forward. 
Ah so transfers is this coming which is wild. I am going to miss being with Elder Goronson, he is such a great companion! We had a good time. 
Also guess who is coming this February 25th to Hong Kong and will be talking to the missionaries for a little? Elder Holland from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Yeah it'll be good.
Well I am so scatter brained and I dont know what to write so yeah.
Elder Townsend
alright this computer wont let me attach pictures. you're going to have to wait til the next. 
sorry this letter was terrible. 
I got a good streak of that.. bad letters I just can't think anymore. Chinese makes me so confuse so all the time I am never there. 

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