It's raining hard!!! March30,2014

Oh it is just pouring out here. So fun! Last night we had to report back when we got home because it was getting so gnarly. It was so cool, there was lightning going off for about half an hour straight without stopping. not even kidding. so cool. almost like a strobe light!

Well this week was quick and honestly I got nothing really to report. I usually look at my planner to see what I wrote down as ideas to write on, and it says "nothing."

Alright how about this week was a little sad because we told an A-Ming we can't meet with him every week anymore. We really need to give him some time to follow through with things. He wasn't following all the commitments and wasn't doing really much at all so it is time to just give him a break. I was bummed, but it is what is best for him. I am just praying he will have the courage that he will have the courage to do what he needs to attend church and keep commitments. we've worked with him the last 7 months and it is time to give him a break. He is an awesome guy and I sure do love him though.

Chris is doing solid though. He just strengthens my faith every time we meet with him and talk to him. He is such a humble guy and it is so neat to teach him. I just see him exercise faith all the time and just always pushes forward. We talked about faith to always follow Christ. It was good.

We are teaching this other guy named Ted. He is cool. He is pretty funny to teach. He understands things quick and always answers questions with ge ma! haha so basically is like this is why la! shoot i dont know how to explain that ge ma.. oh well.

That is my week. We had some hard rain but that is alright, just get real wet.
oh it was pretty cool, we went to a members house and had dinner and message with them. Her husband is not a member and they have two hilarious little boys. It was cool. The husband is such a nice genuine guy. He is so nice. He isn't too interested in religion, but I hope we can help him see this is just more than being part of a church that this will provide him what he needs for his family. We talked with him a lot about families and I am hoping we will be able to see him again sometime. It was good.
Well that honestly is all I have for this week. Sorry.
Elder Townsend
1. Service. Trying to get back on a door with stripped screwdriver and screws.. put sister parker on one side pushing it in and me trying to push the screws in. not screw. haha
2. My district! Zones just got changed so this is the last of us. i love this district so much. My favorite, for sure.

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