End of July....

neih hou.
Well this week was a quick week I think.. Not really sure where it went. We went on exchanges again so it felt really quick. It is always good to see how other missionaries work and working with them. Exchanges always tucker me out because when you get with someone new for a little bit there always seems to be random little miracles and those just work you good!
Well to let you know how my Sunday went, it included me thinking twice that two different people were speaking French or something.. haha I would love to say it is because my mind is tired, but I am not too sure. Sometimes when someone who is a native mandarin speaker speaks cantonese it either sounds like mandarin or (as I found yesterday) french. But it sure does keep things lively! 
Well I don't have much to write on this week.
July is to an end and it was a good month of learning. A lot of missionaries worked hard as well as us. It was definitely a month of growing and learning more about what faith is, as well as in really relying on the Lord. It was interesting because my companion and I really wanted to have a baptism in July. We were working for it in May, and then in June, and then in July. We had a couple investigators who we thought were them to be baptized! We were stoked. One of them, who we had seen miracles with, disappeared. We couldn't contact him. It was heartbreaking. So many things were going for him and he had changed so much. His life had a lot of things going for him, new opportunities. Anderson was doing so well. But with change of jobs and whatever else, he was gone. So we pushed forward, got to keep working. Then Jason came into the picture. We were teaching him and he was doing so well. It was just miracle after miracle! He loves what he is learning and living it. But when the end of July came, he wasn't allowed to be baptized. At first, I wondered why we couldn't have a baptism, I was a little bummed. But as I evaluated the situation, I saw what I learned, or more as what I was able to do without realizing it. I was able to depend on the Lord much more than I have before. I was able to really start to pray to Him with more love and more closely.I was able to start to pray in a way that I felt closer to Him as I knelt to pray to Him. Also we were able to help our investigators, and those on the street, see and feel the power of faith. The power of change. It was a really neat experience. Even though we didn't see what we worked for, we saw something else.  I am super grateful for this experience. Sometimes I feel like I may have almost failed the Lord and my mission president in not helping someone be baptized, but I know I didn't. The Lord has plans and allows us all to learn. President Hawks always talked about how this was so much more than we knew, and it sure was. It was a lot more than I knew what would happen.
Jason is doing well. He is signed up for seminary! The teacher in our ward asked him and he said yeah he could do it. She then told him it was early in the morning and he was like, ok no problem. This will be exciting for him! Also he is reading the Book of Mormon everyday! He is finding scriptures that help him and it is so exciting! Just to see him really see the importance of daily scripture study. Jason had some friends that tried to "anti" him, but he told them they were wrong and didn't know. He told them to come and see, but they wouldn't. We were so stoked to hear how he reacted and share his testimony!
Well that is all I got for today.
Elder Townsend

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