Fires September 14, 2014

The other night while we were out finding at an estate we saw some people running to the side of it. Then we saw some light from the window. FIRE! Someone's apartment house had set on fire, people came from everywhere to watch. The kitchen was burning out and it was getting big. Luckily, these places are made out of concrete here so the other apartments can't set on fire. Well eventually the firemen came, so many, and before they got the hose ready, the fire was out.  A fireman broke through the door and gate of the room, and stopped it. It really lit up our night.. oh and for a chinese saying, we were "eating peanuts." to eat peanuts means to sit and watch something happen. For example people fighting or fires or anything. Those people are eating peanuts.

Well so the one guy that we met on wednesday night, we met on friday and will again tomorrow! B- is the greatest guy ever. We gave him a Book of Mormon on the street and a Restoration pamphlet. When we met up, he had read the pamphlet and also the introduction, testimony of witnesses, and the testimony of Joseph Smith. It was a great lesson and he was prepared. Then we invited him to read the Book of Mormon, which he has! Even cooler thing was that 2 years ago, he ran into missionaries on the street. He never met with them, but he remembered them. The best part is that one of those missionaries was Elder Goodrich, my trainer! We had Mike teach with us. Mike is a member that has started to come back to church. Mike is such a great guy and I just love him. He is super awesome. Just past Testimony meeting he share his testimony! It was great. He shared how he had a hard trial and tried to find help in books. He read many books, but never seemed to find help. Then he started to read the Book of Mormon again and Bible and instantly he felt a strength that hadn't been felt in a long time. He felt God strengthen him and allow him to understand why he had this trial. We shared with him Ether 12:6, 27. He was like "this is what I am talking about!" It was a great experience. He sure did strengthen my Faith in the Lord and help me feel the power He has on all of our lives.
Alright, thinking about it I may have written that before, not to sure.

J- is still doing great. When he comes to church, you'd think he was a young man in the ward. White shirt and tie. He is so great. He has a friend he met at youth conference who invited him to read 3 chapters of the Book of Mormon a day. She will also read with him too which is awesome! He is learning a lot from what he reads. The power of the Book of Mormon rules
This is all I have for now.  It was a quick4 days.
Elder Townsend

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