Quick Week! September 10, 2014

well this week flew by. I guess this week and last week since it is already thursday! Holy cow it was a good time though! So many things happened. Today we are going to the temple so I am typing at the Apple Store once again. It is rough typing here! haha

Well just on Tuesday the entire Hong Kong members got together and had a sports day to celebrate 65 years in Hong Kong! It was great. It was the mid-atumn festival so it was a holiday. We went to Tai Po and it was a great time. There were many running races and little fun games. They also had fun little demonstrations like Kung Fu group and also Lion Dancers (dressed up like a dragon). It was a solid day. There is a member who we are working with who just started to come back to church and he came and helped out. Super solid. J- was with his family in Mainland so he couldn't come. We  had other people come. Solid fun day. I also got to see previous ward members! 

Well this week we were out finding and on Saturday we went with the other elders and did a banner find and hand out family cards. Well the place we planned had lots of people there as well as a lot of people trying to get people to buy stores in a new mall/real estate. It was crowded with 2 companies of them.. Well we couldn't go somewhere else because we had already traveled there. The problem was was that they would block us from talking to people/ people wouldn't talk to us because they thought we were them.. So we set up and I used some tricks I picked up while serving in the city. 
I just stayed nice and close to them then I would always use the smile and what not to get peoples attention. haha anyways about 20 minutes into it, us 4 elders had a huge gap opened up just for us. It was a success. Every once in a while they'd try to move in, but then leave. I would be nice to them and tell them their job was super tough. They wouldn't say it back to us because we were happy. One guy was hilarious and when I told him to "add oil" (chinese saying) he was like I will. then he said "you are lucky because you have God's help, we don't." I agreed. When we left I gave him a card as well as the other people that we moved farther down the street. Let them know we wanted to be friends.

Alright we went and visited J- mum this last week! It was... not the most successful. She wasn't too happy about it, so she didn't talk to us. J- wasn't the best at communicating with his mum. We had the young men's president with us so after we talked about continuing to love his parents no matter what, respecting them, and communicating better..  Hopefully next time! He was pretty sad about it, he really wanted her to talk with us. J- is awesome.
Alright this Monday we had an all mission meeting! It was kind of found out a week before. Elder Rasband, Senior President of the Presidency of the Quorum of the Seventy, was in town to give Mission Presidents training. (We are the headquarters in HK so they come here) Anyways he had a meeting with us. We ended up having 5 General Authorities there. All quorum of the Seventy. It was excellent. They shared about missions and Elder Rasband taught us and shared about his talk "the divine call of a missionary" and his experience with it. It was incredible. It was such an uplifting experience and he just pumped us up. They talked about the importance of having a burning testimony of Jesus Christ and working hard consistently, enduring to the end. The whole thing was fantastic. Also Elder Rasband told us some things about the coming General Conference. I will give you a hint, but I can't tell. Elder Wong (1st quorum of the Seventy from HK) will be speaking!!! Not only that, but let's just say you'll hear Cantonese!!!! yeah and maybe other languages from speakers. That is all i will say. Haha Conference is going to be so good.!

Yesterday we had miracles happen. We had been so busy with zone things and also the past events that we hadn't had a lot of time to go finding. Well last night we did. We went out and right away taught this lady. She was great, just very busy so we exchanged numbers. We prayed with her and bore testimony that God hears our prayers! 
Then after her, we were walking and contacted this one guy. Right away he asked if we were mormons. We said yes and shared about the Book of Mormon and bore testimony of it. He told us he had a relative that was a mormon. So we talked with him and found out he really wanted to know if God exists and how to have that knowledge. he believes there should be a God. So we taught him how to pray, read Moroni 10:3-5 and bore testimony. He scheduled us to meet the coming friday(tomorrow!) and we gave him a Book of Mormon. It was so awesome. He was so prepared to learn. Just a miracle we ran into him! 
Then after him, we were walking and there were two guys about twenties who were rascals I guess you would say. Just tough guys. Sometimes I like to talk to them to show them I am not afraid  (pride, i know, I am working on it) Well this time I felt I should talk to them. My companion didn't seem to gang hou about it.But we talked to them. Well one guy was interested. He hadn't prayed for a long time and wanted to learn about Jesus again. So we chatted and he called us so we could get his number. it was a cool thing. While talking to them, a newer member walked up to us. We talked for a little, asked if we could go visit her father (not a member) she said yes, and we went up to her house! 
We went and he chatted with us! It was so awesome. He ignored missionaries before so we got lucky! We prayed with him and it was great. Basically what I learned is the power of prayer and diligence. Before we left, I prayed specifically if God could sanctify the time for us to find. He did. He heard my prayer. I know it because we don't always get nights like these ever. Also I learned the truth of following our leaders. Elder Rasband promised us if we would ask everyone we talked to if they had a friend interested to hear our message, our teaching would increase and success. Right from the start we asked people for friends or family to teach, most of the time they said not anyone they could think of. But the word was fulfilled because we found so many more opportunities to teach that night. Not always is it so quick, but following them sure does bring blessing. I am so thankful Heavenly Father has given us leaders to guide us. 
Alright that is all I got for now. out of time! sorry not to good, just typed real quick so i could get out of here quicker. Life is good.
Elder Townsend

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