Tennis! August 31, 2014

We played tennis with a member this morning. More of he taught us how to play. It was fun. 
Well this week was so fast because we were pretty busy.

This week we only had a few hours to go teaching on the streets but it was a good experience. I was on exchanges with another elder who just came to the New territories! I was showing him around so he would know the area. It gets confusing in areas, he just opened the companionship, and training so figured we might help out a wee bit. It was a great experience. We taught some people, and while we were out we headed to a little village area. 
We ran into this old grandma. She was sitting down in her little garden area and just picking at weeds. We talked to her a little and just say hello. She said she was just picking weeds while all the family was at work, we offered help, she said no thanks because their was no point at picking them because she has all year to. haha 
Anyways it was fun talking to her and listening to the old style of Cantonese. She smiled and just made us so happy. It was a funny sight though, two white elders, squatting down, talking through a fence to a grandma for a few minutes. It is just nice to stop and say hello to people and just have the opportunity to get to know them.

This week I thought of Buster because we taught this lady from Taiwan! She married a man from HK and is living here now so her Cantonese was good. It was funny because we asked her how she liked it and was like "they are too busy here and too rushed. Did you see how fast I was walking? not fast at all. I am so different." haha it was funny. Everyone talks about Taiwan at being a lovely, non rushed life with great food! Busy, but not HK busy. Well she said she was going to come to church this Sunday but I guess didn't wake up on time. So hopefully we'll meet again. 
That is one thing that sure is hard, getting people to church. It is the day where missionaries wake up praying really hard that investigators come. The night before up later praying for them to come. It is so important and so hard, interesting how that correlates. haha
We taught J- a couple of times this week. once Elder Chan, well Jacob Chan, was here and taught with us. It was great. We talked about Youth Conference and baptism. He brought it up and was saying he wants to be baptized on the Sept 14th. His parents are becoming better with the gospel. He said his dad is fine, but his mother isn't fully. We have been working with him so we can visit them. This is so crucial to meet his parents and we want to so bad. Hopefully we will soon. J- has grown so much. I asked him if people shared their testimony at youth conference and he said yes, but he didn't. So we asked him if he could share it with us. He asked for time to think, then he shared it with us. It was powerful. He shared about how he knows God strengthens others because he has helped him so much. Helped him be a better person with friends and love his parents more. The fact he wants his parents to learn the gospel is so great. I was so proud of him. 
Then later this week, we had the Cheng family invite us over to dinner with J-. It was great. They are so great and J- really liked seeing how happy they were and how nice. It was a great experience for him/
That is all I got. I was a little short on time today.
Elder Townsend
1. Coke for Pops and Uncle Alan
2. Elder Cordon and I bought a huge watermelon for only 30HK
3. Tennis with Benji
4 Dinner at the Cheng's

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