A Very Merry Christmas, Ya'll!!!

Yesterday there were people caroling about Jesus. It was awesome. I think they were one of the nearby churches. I loved hearing it. Yep, HK does celebrate Christmas, not hard, but they do. I love it because they don't just put up Happy Holidays or Merry X-mas, but they put MERRY CHRISTMAS. I love it.

 I found candy canes at this one store here and they were on sale for like 1 for $10.50 or 2 for $8. (obvi HK moneys) So i bought 4 packages. They were almost out.. goodbye meat to my meals.. haha But I have been handing them out to people and like "Singdaahn Jit Faailohk!!!!!" Gotta get out the Christmas Spirit some how. 

This Christmas we will be hopefully meeting with a Less Active member and sharing a message and eating lunch. If not,we will be going finding. hoping for a Christmas Miracle. We don't have a mission party anymore due to money and missionaries, but its cool. It'll be a solid time. 

Also our mission is going back to dual language tags! President was able to get them proved! Only our mission will have them so do i feel special! haha
My companionship and the sisters in our ward went caroling on saturday night. It was grand. We went to an estate chyun place that has a lot of less-actives, members, and investigators, and friends. We would knock on the door, they'd open, we sang, they would stand awkwardly like what are they doing?, then we would stop, they would say ahh hello, come in, hand us food, i handed them a candy cane, and then we might be able to share a spiritual message, and then we'd hit up another. It was fun. It was hilarious when we were in the wrong house (aparment place) and we went to the wrong flat, knocked on the wrong door, sang to the lady, and then died with laughter when we left. she was so confused who we were. Gotta love that. haha

Well this week we were able to teach A-Ming again. He is great. Just needs to find a new job so he can come to church. Other than that he is happy. I gave him a ctr so that he will remember to not smoke and what not. It is really hard for him to stop so we are trying to help him out a lot. I hope he can find the strength! We just need to find a member who can help us teach him and bear testimony of their help as well. Also to help guide him. It is just hard because of the time he meets with us. He is funny though, we will teach him random english sayings as we leave. My fave that he says now (because I would always say it to him) is "See you next week, same time, same... place." then he does the snap point thing because I would to! haha I love him.

At English class we shared about the Nativity with the class. We watched the new Bible Videos and it was awesome. I highly suggest checking it out. As we watched it, i couldn't help just think over and over. Born is the King. Born is the King. Born is the One who saved me from pain. Born is my Savior. I am excited to be able to focus more on Him this year and be able to remember just how good He is to us. I think of when President Monson said to capture the true meaning of the Spirit of Christmas and it becomes the Spirit of Christ. Makes me so happy to know that people are feeling the Spirit of Christ this season!
Oh so to let you know that I am not dumb is when I put sianara for my goodbye thing last week, i knew it wasn't spanish but japanese. Everytime I try to speak fake spanish now it comes out sounding like Japanese. #chineseprobs. haha 
anyways, goodbye.
Elder Townsend
1. just going to buy some apples.
2. Elder Goronson and I put on normal clothes and had a blast. haha

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