Wah...December 15, 2013

Hey there.
Well this week was good! We just ended another transfer and I am staying in the great land of TST!! And this time, i get the privilege to serve as District  Leader. (must be running out of resources..) Anyways, the Last 9 weeks flew by. So stoked and I will be with Elder Goronson still! I really like him, he is a solid guy. Did I mention that he is from Las Vegas? or that he went to Arbour View High School? Or that he shot his eye out with a Red Ryder BB gun? alright maybe the last one wasn't as true, but had to throw a little Christmas Story line in there. 

Also it has been cold the last 2 days. Yesterday about 14 degrees Celsius and then today i swear like 12. I need to call Windy the weather lady though. The Winter Monsoon is here and that means some rain as well. Elder Goronson and I don't like umbrellas so you could say we got saap saai. honestly I don't remember what that is in english. ahh shoot. you know when you're like all wet and nothing isn't like drenched but it's not that word. I swear I wont have a language soon. I never know things in English or Chinese. so one time an Elder asked me what my first language was. haha so i said guess and he was like German? and all I did was wink and said you could say that. I am German. 

Well this week as we were walking, I could say I felt tough. We were walking up this hill and since some of the place is under construction, the sidewalk is narrow with random cement blocks. So we were going to go past on and a guy walked up and he looked at us, saw the gap, and then froze. Then he put his hands up in the air and was like "I'm Sorry!" and then expected us to pass. haha 
Well needless to say I wanted to laugh super hard because it was just these two gwai louhs walking up in suits. But we talked to him for a second, but he was too confused by who we were and that we knew Chinese so he split. All in all, it was a good experience.

Well this week we taught A-Ming again! It was awesome. He has a new baptismal date and after the lesson I realized it is the same day I got baptized, February 23rd! We were not able to get a member to come teach with us, but it went well. As we sat down and talked to him, for some reason I stopped talking and had nothing in my mind and I think the same with my companion. 
Then A-Ming asked us if God would really give him a path. It through me off, but he proceeded to tell us that he is praying for God to show him a path to take and help him find a new job or a way to attend church. He said he had faith that God will help him, but wanted to make sure he would. So we assured him God would. As we went on, we talked about the Word of Wisdom. He is having a hard time quitting smoking, been doing it for 30 years and it helps him relax. So we talked with him and made a plan. We offered to give him a blessing and he wanted one. It was really cool because as I gave A-Ming that blessing I know it had to been from Heavenly Father because I spoke Cantonese much better than I really ever have there.. Just kinda opened the mouth and the things came out. It was really special, because I knew what I was saying but there was just like so much love felt inside of me. It was so amazing. I know A-Ming will get the Lord's help. Afterwards as we talked about it, there was a tear in his eye. He said that he had never felt this way before. He said no way to describe it. He kept repeating I am His son, I am His son. It's true, he is His son. As am I. So grateful to know that and know He is real. He does exist and He does love us. So awesome.

Well Later this week we met with Sister Lam and we got her a baptismal date as well! She is really busy until after Chinese New Year so it is a little farther away, but she has the best intentions for it. She wants to make sure she will be able to attend all 3 hours and so she also can have her husband there. (also to make sure he will follow after her soon! Wants to go to the temple with him!) It was awesome because she talks about her son and how he will write things in his letters and she wants to learn about it. She is so awesome. Shared how she wanted to find this scripture about Faith but couldn't find it. Then eventually prayed and right when she opened the Book of Mormon, she opened to Alma chapter 32!! What a tender mercy of the Lord! Ahh so awesome.
Well that's all this guy has to say, so 
Sianara ya'll (spanish) or in my lovely tongue of Cantonese... Bye, Bye.

Elder Townsend
the only new picture i have is of me and my boy Elder Woodburn with our matching wool ties. You know it gets cold here.

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