Christmas season is a good season... December 8,2012

Well once again I can't think of a title for the dang email. So yeah, love Christmas season.
Well this week I really don't have much to report on. We were able to go to dinner with our ward mission leader, his wife, Fiona and her boyfriend Matt before he flew back to the meihgwok. we went to this awesome seafood place and had a HUGE alaskan king crab!! so good. I will attach the picture. 
Well this we went and taught A-Ming with former Elder Chan and it went great! He helped us out so much and we read Alma 32 on faith and applied it to how he can use it for helping him attend church and keep commandments. former Elder Chan was so great and powerful. It was nice to have his help their. We shared an object lesson on how God will lift you up in trials, even when we feel we can't handle them. To have no fear, for He never abandons us. We did the one where you take an empty tea bag, stand it up on their hand, and set it on fire, as it burns down, it looks like it'll burn their hand, but with faith, right at the end it lifts up. Its a good one and I believe gave him confidence to trust that the Lord will now deliver him as he figures out how to change his schedule for church.
shoot, I don't have anymore time to write. They must up my time...! 
I will write more next week!! 
Elder Townsend

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