Happy Christmas Season! November 30, 2013

Yeah, they totally have random Christmas things up in places and even our local Park N' Shop is playing Christmas music. About 30 seconds of the same thing looped to play all day. haha

Well Thanksgiving was a great affair. We had a lesson that morning which we were able to meet with A-Ming, our investigator. He is awesome. Hopefully we can help him out more. We were able to schedule former Elder Chan (i served with him in Tai Po) to come with us this week so he should be able to help us out (he is awesome) and help out our investigator a ton. Especially since they speak the same language! ha! 
Anyways then we went and had a lunch/lesson with our good friend that is an in-active member. He is a great guy and just so cool.

 Afterwards we headed out and then reported back to the chapel around 4:30. Why? for a thanksgiving zone dinner!! Yeah, it was great. We had 16 of us there. We ate rice, potatoes, fish, and duck!  Yep the only zone without Turkey. haha It is good though, felt more chinese-y. Also former elder Chan came and brought tons of KFC! haha It was a great time and great to remember all that I am grateful for. 
I sure do miss my boy and dog, Leonard! haha Didn't have him to hug this year. After we ate the church men had a basketball night. So while people were cleaning and didn't need some of our help, Elder Tse and I sat on the stage and had a Thanksgiving game to watch. Just basketball not football. 

Well this week was good. While we were out finding, we went back to our "miracle" park and once again... miracles came. This week we taught 2 people there that had lots of interest and rescheduled with us. While on exchanges, one of the guys we taught said one of the most sincere prayers I have ever heard. He had no religious background at all. As we talked about God and who He is to us, he found interest. Sharing of who He was to me really helped me be more thankful for our Heavenly Father. Well our friend decided he would pray with us, as he bowed his head to pray, he took a breath to relax, kinda was nervous to try. As he prayed he basically said "God, i really want to know if you exist, I have been wanting to ask you and now I can. God, a lot of people believe in you in this world and know you exist, can I be one of them? I would be very grateful if you would let me know." Just through his sincerity and desire, the Spirit's presence was there. It was amazing, our Heavenly Father touched his heart that day. So when we meet with him next time, I hope we can bring that same Spirit of Love with us.
 After his prayer, I went home that night looking at my prayer and had the goal to always remember to pray sincerely. There is a Mormon Message called Earthly Father, Heavenly Father. At the end it says like of all the names we could call God He has asked us to call him Father. I think that is so cool. For some reason I have been really thinking about that a lot and how I can better use that to allow others and myself become closer to Him.
Well that is all i can think of. 
Oh on a fun note, on exchanges, we made friends with this lady who is really nice. She works at the restaurant that is next door to where a in-active member lives. So as we tried visiting she found out the situation and wants to help us. So everyday she scopes out for when the person will come home so she can let us know. I think she wants to be a secret agent, like she ran up to the door one night, knocked to see if they were home. haha and asks people about our member. We told her we cared about him so she is really helping out! Look at that service from a friend! she will be blessed!
Elder Townsend
1. Elder Woodburn (from MTC group/great friend) and I got Mighty Duck hats on Lady Street for super cheap. We had to buy them because the story was hilarious. Lady chasing us down the street making them cheaper and cheaper the farther we went. She originally tried selling them almost like 12 american bones at first. But no way we settle for that. So we settled for 11... just kidding like 3.
2. Thanksgiving festivities in Kitchen

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