Hello! March 12, 2014

Hey there.

Well this week we had temple day! aka today. it was solid. I like to go to the temple. Life is good. I feel like that is good enough for this week. I am so bad at typing or writing, not enough time for me. 
Well as I have said, life is good. I am really enjoying my time with Elder Ma. I feel i am doing nothing to train him. He is super great. He is also helping my chinese a ton. While we are outside we speak a lot of chinese which is super great. He is super patient with my chinese and I can tell it has started to improve being with him. Elder Ma is also such a hard worker. We are just doing work and having a good time. I don't think there is enough time in the day anymore though.. So just trying to make sure we stay busy. 

So it is pretty cool, our mission has got something exciting going on! President Hawks has let us all know that if we all work super hard, put the faith forward, the obedience, and the work, that in honor of 65 years of Hong Kong having missionary work anniversary, we will be bringing 65 people unto Christ through baptism in the month of July. It may not seem big to you, but this is huge. We average about 19-20 baptisms a month mission wide. President believes that 2/3rds of this is possible through our work, but the other 1/3 will be the Lord supplying us. This is super exciting. I could feel the power of this when the zone leaders announced it. I am excited to work for this goal. It is sure going to take a lot of work though! 

Alright lets see this week.. Hmm well we are working with this Brother who is less active and he is excellent. He is the nicest guy and really probably one of the most loving guys I have met. He has just had some hard things happen in his life and really needs the Lord's help. We are really working on him receive that help. He feels that he is not really sure if God exists. He really loves the people of the church and can feel their love, but he isn't too positive he doesn't have enough faith for God. We talk a lot with him. When we talk about how he can truly pray at that time I just see him with the greatest desire. He just cares so much about those around him, i am praying that he will find his faith. the other day he brought me a plant that is like a little tree thing. It is super small and sits on my desk. I think it is so cool. He has them at his house and I always loved looking at them and then one day asked him what they are called. Then he came to church that sunday with a little one for me with one of his shells from his house. Seriously the nicest guy. He shows love to so many people around him. I just learn so much from his example. 

Alright also our investigator Chris is doing great. He also is the coolest guy. He also joined our ward choir. He is good at singing. I just love talking to him and teaching lessons. You can see the greatest desire in him. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ with him, I was able to feel the power of the Spirit in that lesson bear truth of the necessesity of Faith, repentance and baptism. Obviously I am not an english major so I dont know what repentance means broken up, but in chinese it is cool. The first character is like repent type thing, but the second character is pronounced like "goi" which means change. I had never realized this but a member brought this up and talked about it. I loved that. How true it is that when we repent we must change. or there is no reason. I like how when we teach repentance that we talk about change. That we can see the change in ourselves because Christ helps us. it is so true on how much He does for us. 

Alright my mind is scatter brained so I am going to end here. 2 things. one that chris has a baptismal date so I am super excited for him! It will be so great for him.
Second is one of my favorite things to see here in HK. I have seen it from two perspectives. One from being a part of it. two from seeing it from a little distance. What this is is praying. We obviously do a lot of street contacting here and talk with people on the street. While on the street, we will invite those who have talked with us to pray, right then and there. When they accept, it is a glorious moment in my mind. because when we three have our heads bowed down and folding hands or arms and one is speaking to our Heavenly Father, the biggest peace comes. We feel this peace even when there are tons of people walking past us lost in their world. A lot of times they don't even notice us. I love it being inside it because I feel the sounds fades out and it is us. I love seeing it from a distance because you see this light about it. You see something that is nothing like you see everyday. It is very special. I don't know how to describe, but it just makes me so happy! 
Dang, life is good. I am happy. I am feeling it. I can't type anymore. But just know that i am happy. I don't think I have felt this happy and this peace at the same time before. When i share teh gospel and do His work it just makes everything better. It makes me want to be a better person and love others more. I know why they encourage all members to invite their friends or family to church and to continue to be missionaries always, it is not only because the church wants more members but Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and he knows that this is the way. this is the way to joy! Always better things ahead. always.
Elder Townsend

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