Hey there! March 16,2014

Well I wrote in just 4 days ago and so I don't really have anything to report or tell about at all. Life is good, just going by really fast. Holy cow. So fast.

Well this Saturday Sister Lam will be baptized! I am so excited for her but also her son Elder Lam. She sent him a picture to his email for us. Because it was cool, since he was here in HK for 3 months before AUS he had a trainer and then came to Tai Po where I served with him. Well his trainer is my zone leader and so he did her baptismal interview. So the picture was of us with her. He was also so excited too. The best part is, her little brother is the one that referred Elder Lam to the missionaries and then baptized him. He will be baptizing his older sister as well! so exciting. It is so amazing to see how elder Lam and his cousin Sister Lau how both of them serving missions have helped her so much. They have been able to show her the tender mercies of the Lord. They taught her everything. I just was there to give make sure she heard it in ear. haha

Well this week we went on exchanges. I was with a mandarin missionary from my district, so you could say my mandarin has gone up. haha just kidding. But we were talking to this one guy on the road and I have found this with a lot of people here as well especially the young adults, but when it comes to life having a purpose, they all sort of believe that it is to make money. Then if we talk about what happens when we die, no one seems to care to much. If we have stuff after death then it'll happen if not well it doesn't. This is just really interesting to me mainly because I think the first time I really felt God answer me was when I was younger and had been terrified about death and so I opened up the scriptures right to Moroni 10: 3-5. and then I prayed and was filled with comfort. Many times I still contemplate these things about life after death and also being with others. It is a fear of mine and to see others not worry about it or even more to say not care about it, it makes me curious of how I can let them know how important it is. That this life isn't all about the money, the studies, but it is about those things around us. The people. the love. the nature. 
This world has much evidence of God and that He has plan for us later, I just hope I can convey that message. I believe maybe the main reason why that they don't understand this is because they have yet to feel His love. The changing and moving love of Christ and Heavenly Father. The simpleness and greatness of it. I love how He has given us such simple things that are so great. 
Alright I got nothing to write about this week. sorry. too much to think of. 

elder townsend

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