I enjoy this March 23,2014

I like being a missionary. It is great.
Alright well this week was quick, but a good one. Sister Lam was baptized!! It was so exciting, her entire family came out. Only one of her brothers is a member. The rest came and it was so exciting. Originally her brother was going to baptize her, but instead he wanted one of us to baptize her so we had Elder Ma baptize her! So exciting for him. His first move and first baptism! He was so excited. I sure do enjoy working with him. This was just so exciting. Seeing all of her family was just so happy. They were all so awesome. Hopefully she will be able to help influence them to meet with missionaries and learn about how much this gospel and church can bless their lives. Hopefully we can teach brother Lam sometime so that we can help him get ready to one day go to the temple with his family and be sealed with them forever! 

We had some cool instances this week of the Spirit really guiding us in where to go. We were out finding and going to head to this area called Olympic. As we were walking there, for some darn reason I really just wanted to go to Hung Hom, so we headed on over there. I was not sure about what to expect, I was praying that it was guidance so I didn't look like a fool in front of my companion! ha but we went. Everyday we pray and we search to teach a family. Well while we were out in Hung Hom, God led us to a family. A father, mother, and son. Originally the mum wasnt there but as we sat and talked to the dad, he was really nice. We talked to him about Christ. He hadn't really known much about Him. So we talked about what Christ did for us and also how He strengthens our families. Then his wife showed up right as we were pulling out a picture of a little family praying together. They seemed really interested in prayer. So we talked about it and then we all prayed together. There was a sweet peace among us and I couldn't help from smiling so big. It was just so amazing to be with a family, teaching them. As we left, we tried to exchange numbers, but they weren't too sure yet. They wanted time to think these new things over. They don't live in our area, but we gave them things to find us or missionaries if they have interest. I was sad to not be able to exchange information, but I pray what they felt will be remembered. I know its true.

Well I have made a decision regarding my date. I chose February 27. Before I came into emails last week, I had the feeling that maybe I should do February. To be honest, I had always hoped that I would get the option for a leave date and take December. I kind have always wanted to head on home. Get back to the things, see the family, see friends,and see my dog leonard. So I had always hoped for it. But then February 23 of this year had happened and changed how I saw things. Changed how I did things. I guess it really changed me. It really allowed me to put some things in perspective and see my calling differently and feel differently about it. I dont know how to explain. Anyways. then the dates came. I looked at them and was like "oh cool, december!" but then I thought, maybe not. I was so not sure. I prayed a lot. I really thought about it. My mind was like december! but I could feel that february is the date. So I thought more and more and then that mondays emails were very helpful. So I stopped and prayed. I just said,"Heavenly Father I don't know. You know that I want to see them so badly and get back into things back home. Please, is February really right for me?" Then I just didn't want to think about it so I went to LDS.org to see if they had any new mormon messages or bible videos. That is when I watched the new bible video. I is the one "the rich young ruler." I had recently read through this story and hadn't thought too much on it. But as I sat there, I felt as if the message was for me this time. after Jesus had said the commandments, and the young ruler responded what lackest I yet, Jesus's response was my answer. He told the man to sell what he had and give to the poor and then to "follow me" As I heard that my eyes started to tear because I knew what I must do. To give it up. to follow Him. 

My whole life, I have had righteous examples to follow and parents to guide me. For a mission, to be honest at that time i wasn't sure/ didn't really want to go on one. But due to family and friends and some things that happened, I left. I chose but had the push from others. So I gave my time to the Lord and did it because that is what we need to do, but I personally wouldn't say I gave it too willingly. This time the Lord gave me the choice and the question "Do you want to serve me?" He gave me two good things to choose from and this time I had the complete control of what I would choose. I didn't have any other thing or people influencing me. It was just Lord and me. I believe He has given me these choices with the same question posed to that young ruler. I can come home in December and do things and be with everyone or I stay and I serve Him. to show Him I am willing to give up my so called "riches" and follow Him. 

The one time I can make a choice completely with Him. I will be staying here in Hong Kong a couple extra months. I really want to serve Him. Also I don't write this at all to say "look at me, i chose to follow Him. Oh i am righteous!" No not at all. I do not write this to boast, that isn't my intention. But I write this to let you know of how I made my choice and to let you know what I believe. That I believe this is what I need and need to do. To shape myself and hopefully help someone. That I believe He is my Lord and Savior, that He knows what I need to do. That I must follow Him before I follow other things in life. I hope that I will be able to fully give up my will to serve Him. I don't know what to expect those last months, but I believe what President Hawks has told me is true. That even if those last months consist of me not teaching one lesson and completely being unsuccessful, that it wasn't a waste. That I will always look back at that and be grateful. He also said he wont change the day even when I come in and try crying my way to leave in december. ha! But I truly respect President Hawks so much. He is such an amazing man of the Lord.
So that is it. If it doesn't make sense, sorry.
Elder Townsend

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