Elder Holland came to town March 2, 2014

This letter will be lame this week because I am having to go fast today. I promise to write more next week.
Well this week was a good one. Went by so incredibly fast that I didn't have any time to catch it. Life is good, feeling good, and most importantly we are doing work. I love TST it is my favorite place ever. The ward here is so awesome and helpful. The YSA are so great too. 

A few exciting things happened this week. First is that Vox received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Pretty exciting for her. It is incredible to see someone after being baptized and then receiving the Holy Ghost. There truly is a real, new light among them. Vox always looks happy, but this time she looked like a completely new person. This gospel is real. 

The other exciting thing is that Elder Holland came and talked to us missionaries. It was a great experience. He shared some really important things and some things that I needed and wanted to hear. God truly speaks through His chosen servants. After listening to Elder Holland, I can testify that he is a prophet of God. 

The other awesome thing is that Chris, our friend that is investigating got a job! He starts today actually. he was looking for one and if he couldn't find one he was maybe going to head back to the America if he couldn't. But Heavenly Father wants him here!! Chris is so awesome. He is such a humble, down to earth kind of guy. I love talking to him. So awesome. 

Well Elder Holland talked to us. He first talked about missions. On how important it is that we are here to convert and bring others unto Christ and His church, His gospel. He talked on how we must truly accept the Lord's will and DO His will. That we make missions permanent. Watching him bear testimony and talk about his mission really was amazing. You could see the power he has felt from it and it makes me want to make sure I do really give it my all. Elder Holland shared about the importance of ALWAYS staying worthy of the title we have. That the church doesn't have images or symbols but the closest that we have is missionaries. two by two. He said that we do not have the right to desecrate the title of being a missionary, a shepherd of God. He said can you imagine what God must think when not only His sheep have went astray, but when His shepherds have as well? He weeps in His throne above. He truly weeps. That was so powerful to me because at that time I really felt the power of love that God must have for us. I was able to feel I believe that love last week. Actually I know I felt it. It would break my heart to know that I made someone who loves me beyond measure weep. Then I thought of how much He loves these people out here. I feel like there just isn't enough time in the day anymore to talk to them. Elder Holland also shared about how the first 14 pages of the Book of Mormon contain everything the proves our Church that gives it validity. That we are a church of revelation. Just as it has always been. You write down Lehi's experience and you see Joseph Smith's or Jeremiah's or any prophet that has ever been. This has been a great thing to share while we are out teaching and talking to people. God speaks! He not only speaks but He gives us so much with that. He gives us more blessings that we can ever know of. Towards the end of elder Holland's sharing, he shared his testimony with Doctrine and Covenants section 50. It was very powerful he talked about teaching His gospel by the spirit and then he shared pretty much most verses 24 and on. It is so incredible. I love it. 
Sorry I am try to be quick today because of scheduling problems also I forgot my stuff that I put what i will write on about. But I am doing good. Loving life. Loving serving the Lord. Just trying to take it day by day so I don't miss any opportunities.
Hope all is well. 
Elder Townsend
we got with the mtc crew, some of it.
just the meat.

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