Aiya June, 16,2014

This week sure was pretty quick.
So Tuen Mun is going well. Starting to get to know the ward more and sure just loving them. It is a little different than my last ward so it is cool. I get to learn different things! In fact it was fun because yesterday before church, a member from TST ward member walked in to attend our meeting. He was there visiting a family for their sons baptism, but I sure was excited to see him. We worked together visiting a lot of Less-Active members and finding their homes. He even hiked up the 10 floors houses with us in the hot little stairways! It was great talking to him.

This week we had a couple of cool experiences. Basically we needed to be better at calling people at nights, so we pulled out the books and have been calling people more often. In the second night of this we were calling some people and I felt I needed to call this random lady that I saw her old teaching record. She hadn't had contact with missionaries in over 3 years so I was hesitant, but decided to call. She answered and told me she was busy and I said (english translation) "with what a ma?" and she was like "I am moving laa!" so then I was like, "Hold up, when are you moving?" and she said "like tomorrow or something like that ama!" so I responded "Well funny because we can help la! Do you need our help a?" and she was like "For real?" and I answered "of course la!" So all in all, we found time to come over and we helped her move out of her house that friday. It was a little miracle. She seemed stressed out by it, didn't really know how to move, and was having a driver come pick up the stuff. She asked us how did we know to call her? she hadn't talked to missionaries in a long time. Had Jesus told us? We bore testimony to her of the love of God for her. And that He will guide us to help others if we allow Him to. I told her that I had a thought that I should call her so I did. I let her know that the Holy Ghost could guide her life for the better. It is so true. I am so thankful that Heavenly Father loves us all and willing to use us benefit others. It just once again built and strengthened my testimony of the power of obedience. That the blessings are really given.

Also it was even cooler because my companion had called a recent former investigator that night as well who didn't pick up. Then later the guy called back and scheduled us. When we met up he told us what had led up to the call. Basically life was being really hard on him and had a lot of pressures. He happened to be out in Kowloon Tong and near our temple. He felt that he needed to go pray so he went to the temple. He couldn't go in so he said a prayer outside of it in the garden area. He prayed to his Heavenly Father for help. Then that night he got a call from us. He was busy so he couldn't pick up but he knew that the Lord had heard him and answered. I love of the faith that I see people exercise in prayer. Of the power and answers that they receive. The Lord is so loving, it amazes me every time. It just made me think a lot of President Eyring's talk in priesthood session of General Conference when he speaks about how prayer will change us and it will surprise us how much. I love how he talks about praying to be grateful and to pray with more real intent. I could do that a lot better at times. But every time I do, life gets happier. 
That is all I got to say this week.
Elder Townsend

bowling for preparation day! I got that curve ball down.

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