Dragon Boats!!! June 2, 2014

Aight, so today is a public holiday and we didn't book computers so I only got 10 minutes on this puppy. 
So today is a holiday for Dragon Boat Festival. It is a grand fun one. In fact the races were today so we got to go watch some of them! So rad, The story behind the holiday is good and very interesting. (true story) and a part of it is where they make these sticky rice dumplings that are wrapped in bamboo leaves. They are called jung. They are pretty good. It was cool we went over to a semi-investigators house and we made them with the family! It was a great experience, they told me the story of the holiday as well. 

Well not terribly too much happened this week because we were busy with meetings and helping out some other missionaries. We had zone conference and it was incredible. President Hawks is the most amazing people I have met. He is very powerful and truly lives the gospel. I won't be surprised to hear his name being spoken next spring conference to be a general authority! (that's what my companion and i decided) He has really taught us obedience and continuing to teach us. He really lets us see that there is more to obedience than following the rules. Also I just see him live every little thing that he asks us missionaries to do. For instance he asks us to carry a book of mormon in our hand wherever we go so people can see it. Sure enough, everytime I see him, without fail, he has a book of mormon as well! That is just a simple thing, but he really is teaching me so much! I love President Hawks! 

So Elder Chan and I are trying really hard to find an investigator that is willing to meet with us and also that is really solid. We don't really have anyone right now.. So we are just praying hard and searching every day for someone. We really want to be part of July and help someone be baptized then. That would be such a special day for that person to be baptized when we are celebrating pioneers!
The other day I was talking to this guy on the street and he wasn't too sure if he was really too sure about christian anity (i can't remember what it is called..) Anyways I was sharing about my beliefs of God and Christ. While sharing he was tell me of some experiences when you knew! so I started telling him simple experiences and how when I make decisions with God, it really works out for the better. After talking to him, he left. But after that, i couldn't just help think of all the help that Heavenly Father has given me. That night I thought a lot about how I know that He lives. How i know that God is truly our Heavenly Father. Through the experiences I had and i couldn't help just be grateful. In the Liahona for this month there was a talk that was by Bishop Causse and he talked about praying and searching for the existance of God and how he will make it known. I really liked that. I am out of time so i cant write more...
Elder Townsend
"Always carry a Book of Mormon in your hand" Pres. Hawks

Elder Chan & Elder T

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