Hello May 25, 2014

Alrighty then, this week, hmm...
Well it started of interestingly. Basically I wrote hoping that the weather would be nice and that night Elder Chan and I were walking and we saw a lightning in the distance and he goes "i think it might rain." and I was thinking maybe..  Well as we were walking in an non covered area it rained big rain. We were drenched from head to toe. It was a good laugh and just be a funny memory. Got to love those little things. Elder Chan is such a great companion and missionary. Love the guy! i mean elder! 

The next night was also lots of rain so no one was out. I mentioned to my companion that the night was going slow so in order to match it i was going to walk in slow motion for a bit. in the 10 seconds of me walking in slow motion a guy walked by and laughed. We talked for a second, had to make sure he knew we did more than that slow motion walking and he was nice. Said he was happy to see someone enjoying life. Yep, i try sometimes. :)

The next night was also a little interesting. As we were out in a estate area looking for people to teach, there was this man who was running and stopped at us, he said something and was off. Then later we ran into him. He was out of breath and looking at us with a type of worried eyes. He kept said he wanted to learn and understand about our church. We tried to get him to sit down but he was panicky and also said he was cold. He was on drugs. He said he wanted to change and he didn't like it anymore. Then he ran off. We both had the feeling we needed to help him that night before we went home so we went walking around and ran into him again. We had talked to him a lot and kept telling him things would be alright and all that stuff. He was walking up stairs of a place and we weren't going to let him get to the top of the roof. We finally got him to come with us and get some water. So i ran into 7eleven and bought him a water. We kept walking with him, trying to understand him, and he slowly drank his water. after talking for awhile we had him pray with us. It was neat because during the prayer he stopped moving completely and just listened. Afterwards he was much calmed down and we directed him home. He was pretty far gone when we had met him at first and really panicked. But eventually we were able to help him out. We gave him our number aka we slipped it into his pocket. Hopefully if he really wants to change he will call us. It was a good chance to be able to help someone. To see the true power of prayer from us while we were with him and then the prayer we said with him. I know that Heavenly Father loves him and I know that Christ will help him, no matter his situation. I just hope he will acknowledge it and do right. 

It is special to be able to help all kinds of people out here. The people of the every day personal stresses to the people of larger problems. The coolest part is that it is always the same solution and problem fixer. Christ and then starting to exercise faith to Him. It all begins there. I like it.

We went to the bishop's house on saturday night and met with him. He is a really great guy. He really wants to help us missionaries out and is thinking of places to find and how we can help more people. He was telling us that youtube is filled with great messages from our church so he tries to find ideas on his way to work. He is great. Also he loves war games (air soft) and has a ton of guns so he cracked those out as well. haha
that is all i got. 
Elder Sugar

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