Yep.... June 8, 2014

Hello. Well this week was pretty quick because we mainly spent a lot of time helping out some elders. We had an elder in our zone go to the hospital and so we had to make sure things were alright and stay with his companion. That took out a couple of days but he is doing great now so all is good! :)

Alright super cool news, I am officially a missionary. Why? Because I rode a bicycle for the first time as a missionary. There is only one area in our mission with bikes and I went on exchanges there this friday. It is our in Yuen Long. Also I met former Elder Wong who serve in the Folsom's ward! Pretty wild! So we went out there and we went to go remind a semi-active member about church so that she would come. 
While we were riding bikes I was just filling high on life. So happy. Then when we were on our way back, there was this man riding by me. (we are in the boonies) and I start talking to him. He was cool, but he had to turn the other way to go to a junk yard he worked at. Then later down the rode we were talking to some people, a man from pakistan who was awesome, and the man from before went riding by and stopped for a little by us then kept going. When we left we were going down the rode and he was waiting for us and he was like, "where is your church?" so we told him and talked. He is from Nigeria and just a nice man. Out in this area is a lot of refugees. We talked with him and ended up praying with him. He was super happy and just super nice. He said he loved to hear the word of God. We talk a lot on how prayer can really give him support because it'll bring him closer to Heavenly Father. He has his family still living in Nigeria so we talked about them and how God will care for them. It was so great. I was so happy talking to him. I was so excited I was like, "you know, me and you and him (my companion) we are all brothers! We are all one big family so we got your back." and he was super happy and was like yeah we are! We are all brothers no matter where we are from. Just some loving.

Other than that we had a Mission Leadership Council this week. President talked a lot on teaching. On how important it is to teach, that it would be the thing that will stick with us our entire life. He also shared on getting rid of contention and making sure we continue on working for exact obedience. I am really impressed by the missionaries we serve with. Everyone works for it. We have something in our mission we call creep. It is the little things that slowly creep into our lives from not allowing us to become the best we can and obstructing us from being exactly obedient such as sleeping in a couple of minutes rather than being out of bed on time. Or even just the simple thing of spending a couple of minutes talking to other missionaries before we head out. I have learned through always striving to be obedient, that God truly does bless us. The scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants section 130, i think 21 when it talks about we are blessed through obedience. I find that so true. It just makes me want to strive to always be obedient teh rest of my life. It is hard, but it is so worth it. 
Shoot. This week was quick, but good. Just trying to work hard and find people to bring to baptism. We are really working right now to find people to teach progressively and help someone be baptsized in July!

Elder Townsend

Finally a "real" missionary- riding a bike!

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