Hey Oh! May 18, 2014

So this is a quick one because I just wrote a couple of days ago.
So this week went super quick. We had a few baptismal interviews we gave for some missionaries in our zone. It was pretty awesome. I always love giving interviews because you can just feel the desire these people have to follow Christ and the faith that they have. It always is rejuvinating (however it is spelled) to hear their testimonies. There is this one old man who is being baptized for the mandarin elders that is so great. He is about 80 and is as strong as an ox. He also is tall. He attends our ward so we've been able to chat with him. He reminds me of my grandpa Pops. Same haircut and about the same height. He loves talking to everyone and loves to learn this stuff. He also loves old jazz. He sang a little of it for a second the other day. When he was younger he attended an English school so he can speak some english. 
This week was a chaam (bummer type thing) because our super awesome investigator, Pip, has to go to a different ward. He is the counselor of the stake presidency nephew and was introduced to us. Then a few weeks later we found that where he lives is not in our area. He is the coolest kid too. 18years old and so nice. I loved teaching him. Loves learning these things and a solid, genuine guy. Hopefully he will enjoy the other ward he will attend and there will be people he knows there. It is always a bummer to turn someone over but always just pray that they stay strong and happy that he is still learning!
We weren't able to have too much success teaching on the street this week, so hopefully going to see some things work out for the better this week! We have a pretty open week so that means lots of time on the street! All we need is the weather to permit (knock on wood!) 
There really isn't really anything to write on for this week because I don't really have much to say. 
Elder Townsend
the only picture i have is to show you how humid it was after the temple. Most people think it is fog! Couldn't even see us outside. 

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