Good bye Elder Chan August 17, 2014

Well this week is a sad week for me because Elder Chan will be finishing his mission. He is the greatest companion ever, we sure had a great time together. We may not of had all the success we wanted but we learned a lot! Hope he does well with life. haha 
Well not terrible to much to write on for today.

Last monday we headed to the Peak (highest point in HK) and went to the rock where the dedicatory prayer was offered for the mission work in HK. We looked at the date etched in 65 years ago. It was pretty cool and a good experience. The pioneer-age that is there. The people that have given all they had to work for the Lord. I love it. I am so thankful to serve here in Hong Kong.

Well this week we met with Jason for a little, he headed out to Mainland so we won't see him for awhile. He will be coming back for a couple of days to go to Youth Conference though which will be great! Also it has been really cool because the other ward that we share our little building with has a lot of young men and recently they have been fellowshipping Jason a ton, inviting him to basketball with them and other activities. It is so great. I love it. 

Also this week was great because we talked about how Jason could do things to help his mum see how the gospel has helped him and also allow us an opportunity to meet with her. He said he would think of something and pray about it. When we scheduled him later that week, he said that he had to run to the library to find a recipe so we had to meet earlier. My companion was like "maybe he got a girlfriend?" we weren't too sure. Well when we meet up with him he tells us that his plan is that he will start cooking for himself! So he doesn't bother his mum with cooking because she works a lot! It was great to know that he came up with this on his own and that he is starting to do it! Jason is so great. Also we are hoping that youth conference will help him gain a stronger testimony as well. Help him know the truthfulness of the this gospel and have his own testimony.

Well we also were able to meet up with Leonardo this week. He is such a cool guy. I like him a ton. He went to a member's house this last week with us and it was a great experience. These member is the coolest people. He was a convert at 14, served a mission, served other places in the church, and just the nicest guy. Thomas also shared about how the gospel has blessed him and how he came closer to God. Just what Leonardo needed to hear. Then this Sunday Leonardo only got 30 of minutes of sleep that night and came to church! He has to take care of his little brother so couldn't sleep too much. Only bummer is that Leonardo heads out to Mainland this week and will be out there for awhile and when he comes back he goes to school so we won't see him as much. He lives at his school and only home on weekends. Hopefully we will still be able to help him out. 
Well I don't know what to write about this week. It went fast and the people we do teach are not here right now.. 
Life is good. the mission is good. it is a good time to be a missionary. It is hard, but oh so good. 
Elder Townsend
The pictures:
1. is at the peak with the date (hard to see) also wind was blowing good up there.
2. This little girl cherry that became my friend. Starting talking to us on the train and then gave me some dragon eye fruit that her and her helper/nanny went and picked. She was hilarious.
3. cheng out that we had. Snails and innards... 
4. crab.

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