Hellow There!!! August 10,2014

Well this week was a solid one! As well as last week. Just doing work and loving it!
Alright where to start.. Hmmm.. 

Ok so one thing that myself as well as other missionaries have really come to love out here are the t-shirts. There are always random english on them and have random sayings. We all agree that they seem to contain messages from Heavenly Father to us when needed. I could go on with lots of ones that have helped but no need. The one that I loved this week was I was thinking and pondering a lot on what I needed to do and what as a companionship needed to do to help a couple of our investigators out and also our zone. 
There was just some things that were weighing in on my mind especially with our investigators. I had been praying a lot on how we could help them and was thinking of ways. One day while we were on the light rail to a lesson, i was just saying another quick pray in my heart on how we should help an investigator out. Well once I finished this lady walks on right in front of me and her shirt says to me "Do all things with love." It is a pretty simple answer, but it was so powerful to me. It made me really think, was I doing everything I could do to love this investigator and remembering to act in love for him? I was stoked for that shirt because I am going to focus more on that!

Alright well we had Mission Tour this week with Elder Funk and Elder Wong from the Quorum of the Seventy. It was awesome. They taught us a lot on teaching to the needs of our investigator and also I really learned was teaching with conviction, power and authority. It was a great learning experience. Elder Wong is from HK and recently put in the first quorum of the seventy, so hopefully he speaks in General Conference soon! He is super powerful and funny. It was awesome when he shares about how the missionaries taught him and that they gave him a book mark once 30 something years ago where they wrote his goal to read the Book of Mormon and he still has that book mark! When he shared his testimony and he read from John 6:69 and said his words are Peter's words then he said, "thou art the Christ. I know it." It just shook me, it was so powerful and the Spirit bore testimony to me that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. 

Alright well this week we had a cool experience with a kid that we met on the street. He is 17 years old. So what happened was that a couple of weeks ago, Elder Chan and his summer missionary ran into him on the street, talked to him about prayer, and that was about it. He was from Mainland and was living here for a couple months in the summer, so not too much thought was put into him. Well then this past week, we ran into him on the street again. This time we asked if he wanted to sit down and talk he said yeah. We sat down and started to talk to him. He had some questions for us already. Comes to find out that his sister had just passed away and that she was a Christian and had left some things behind. So he was curious about her and would he have a chance to see her again. He was curious about God and everything. So we taught him there about God and eternal families. We gave him a Book of Mormon. We scheduled another time that week to meet up again and talk more. 
We then met up with him, he gave us back the Book of Mormon because he didn't know traditional characters too well. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and it was really well. When we asked him if God existed, would He love him, he said no. He understood trials were to gain experience but that God wouldn't love him. He had lost his dad, sister, and other relatives already. It was hard on him. We bore testimony with him, he felt it, but it wasn't enough just quite yet. Since he is leaving back to Mainland the next week, we scheduled him again in hopes he could check out our chapel and we could get him a simplified character Book of Mormon. Well he said he could and we would meet him on Saturday, just a few days before he headed back. 
This time when we met with him, we focused a lot on teaching him out of the Book of Mormon so he would feel the power that it contained. It was a great lesson. After that lesson, I could just feel the love God had for him. But Heavenly Father still wanted him to know it a little more, so for some reason a member who teaches our gospel principles class was at the chapel. She was looking for something and happened to be the same time. Well I know that Heavenly Father planned that. Sister Kwan is the best, she just makes everyone around her smile and feel loved. So we walk out of the room and Sister Kwan was there. Well she started talking to Tse for a bit with us. After a little while, we left because we had to go to other things to do with missionaries. Then we come back an hour later and they are all talking still laughing and happy. It was just a tender mercy of the Lord. He gives everyone the chance to know how much He loves them, especially through other people. That is why I loved the shirt "Do all things with Love." Because it was a reminder to me, that love might be God manifesting His love to someone else through me.

Alright well another wild event happened on Friday before english class. I was on exchanges with Elder Beal and we were in Tuen Mun. Well we came to the church to have dinner before and then in hopes teach Raymond before english class. Well when we called him again, he said he wasn't going to be able to make it. So that through off the plan for about 10 seconds, but then the Butterfly ward elders called us saying a guy Leonardo was coming and he lived in our area. He wanted to meet up and have a lesson! So right before we teach Leonardo, a call comes in from a random number. This guy, A-Pao, wants to meet up because he is in the area of the church. He told me that we had met him before and prayed with him. I wasn't positive on who he was but definitely welcomed him. Then he calls again saying he is going to bring his friend who is Christian to check out this church to see if it is good or not. While teaching Leonardo, he shows up. Some of the other elders hung out with him while we were in the lesson. 
Leonardo is the greatest, most spiritual person I have met. His lesson was incredible. He shared that he hadn't prayed before but was invited by the other missionaries to the previous week. Each night, he said, he would pray and when he prayed he felt that someone was listening and that not only someone was listening that something was pushing him. Helping him feel the strength that he needed. It was great. He then came to church and had a great experience. He was like I could use all of this in my life. The lessons were on the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. we hadn't introduced any of this yet to him and were curious on how he would respond. We weren't nervous though because we knew God had it planned that way. Anyways we then meet with A-Pao afterwards. Him and his friend decide to go to english class. Then we teach them afterwards. His friend was all stoked about the Book of Mormon. He was so excited to read more prophets writings on Christ. It went all well.
I am out of time. 
Life is good. I love it out here.
Elder Townsend

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