Hey there....August 3, 2014

This is going to be a hard one to write today. We had to drop off some summer missionaries in Kowloon Tong today so we have to email at the apple store and it is always hard to email here.

Well this week we had a mission leadership council and it was incredible. President first off related about 65 in July experience. He shared on how after it happened he felt like we had a little "Zion's Camp" experience. We all learned lots and grew so much. Our mission doubled and a half the amount of baptisms we get in a month as well so it showed so much more work and effort being put into the work! 
Well later in the meeting we had a discussion time that involves President Hawks training us all. This time he started off asking questions of what was learned in July and what we must do as a mission to keep up the work and not go back to the old normal. 
We started talking and sharing thoughts. Eventually we got to the subject of needing a new mission goal, that this would keep us going. The Spirit was present in that meeting and each leader was being inspired. It was amazing, one missionary would share a thought and then the next. 
Ideas were bouncing off of each other and we came to what was needed. I had shared that I don't like meeting a goal and then leaving it at that. Others agreed with me, so we proposed to President that we do 65 in December. And that to make sure we work hard we challenged each companionship to meet a goal of bringing one person to baptism in the month of Aug and Sept and then again in the month of Oct and Nov we do the same. Then in December everyone brings someone to baptism and we reach our goal of 65! It is very possible and we all knew it. But we also wanted to do more, so we also said that in those three periods.. Aug and Sept... Oct and Nov... and December, we would re activate and bring back one less active member each time. So therefore we could bring more back to Christ! President Hawks was loving what was going on and kept us on track. He was smiling so big and it was fantastic. So we made the goal.

SORRY IT IS SO HARD TO WRITE HERE, SO NOISY. I will need to write better next week.
Jason is doing well. He made himself a goal for this month on the 17th! hopefully he will get it! also we were going to go visit his parents but they declined. 
I had a summer missionary this week and we found this really cool kid named Raymond!! He came to English class and then to church and now has a baptismal date! he is awesome! 
Sorry I really can't write here. 
Just know i am doing great, happy, tired, hot, happy, loving it, all my limbs work, and life is going well. Just working till we drop! Such a great experience. 
Elder Townsend!

We had e a zone training meeting and the sisters had us make bracelets for unity activity/lesson! haha
We had a really hot day and happened to come across water fountains in Tung Chung! haha 
Squatting there with no shoes is more normal than anything.
Hit up the disneyland line on the way there! Little hike to a lake by disneyland!

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