New Week! August, 24, 2014

Hello there. Well a new transfer is here and the last one flew by so darn fast!
So I have a new companion who is actually from Hong Kong as well. His name is Elder Woo. He is from Tai Po ward which is the ward that I started my mission in! So that is cool. Elder Chan is done with his mission, so hope all goes well for him. He is a great guy and companion.

Well Jason went to Youth Conference this past week! It was with all the youth of Hong Kong. He had a great time and said that he learned a lot. It was awesome to see him. He was at church yesterday and afterwards we talked about what he had learned and he said that one of the biggest things he learned is enduring to the end. He shared some things about that. It was great to see how much he is growing. We shared about the most important fact of enduring to the end is always involving Christ and allowing Him to strengthen us. It was great and I was so happy to see him doing well. 

Well just a miracle occurred this week! Anderson, who we had that experience previously calling him on the day he needed help and went to the temple to pray, called us on Tuesday night! We had been trying to reach him for the past couple months and not had the best success in it. He gave us a call and we were able to meet with him on Wednesday night right before Elder Chan left. It was a great thing. I was beyond happy to see him. Anderson is the greatest man ever. He just needs the blessings of the gospel so much. He is changing jobs so hopefully we can see him again and he will have  a better schedule. We talked with him about how he had been and just let him know we love him and here to help him. We were supposed to meet him on Saturday but he had to go out to the city area so we weren't able to meet up. Hopefully this week though! 

On Saturday we had some people come to an almost family home evening type activity. Our ward mission leader had put it on. It was great because we had a recent convert who has been struggling lately come and I hope it helped her! She came to church the following day! The sisters in our ward have been moved out and now we have a new set of elders with us! They are pretty cool. One of them reminds me and even sounds of my best friend Josh Wood so it just blows my mind. He is a hard worker so it is great. 
At the activity we shared a little message on relying on Christ and knowing that all things are possible through Him. We watched the "Because of Him" video. I love that video. It helps me put in picture how great Christ is. It helps me think of things that I thought I wouldn't be able to do and see how He helped me do them. Christ is our strength and our light. Sometimes I will just think "man how do I help these people on the street. They are busy, they don't care too much and they really don't like us." But then I just have to pray so hard that Heavenly Father will allow me to feel His love for them and that I will be able to see these people the way Christ would, help me know the way that He would serve them. It takes so much work and train of thought, but it is so great to feel a little bit of His love for them. I love these people so much. I'll admit I will get frustrated in my mind because things don't happen the way I would like, but then it makes me want to love them more. I don't understand how Heavenly Father works, but He does strengthen me consistently. 

This week we were out showing the area to the new elders and had a great experience. Sometimes (especially the women) will say their thoughts out loud here in Hong Kong and then surprised when you respond back. so while showing them the area, this lady saw a group of 4 guys in the same clothes and say "what are they doing?" she was walking with her son. So I turn around and told her we were missionaries! She was super surprised that I knew what she was thinking haha. Anyways we talked with her, shared a little message, and then asked if we could leave with a prayer. Her little boy was nervous to say the prayer, so the new elder being trained did. It was awesome. He had so much courage and was like, yeah i'll pray. It was his second day in Hong Kong, with lots of other people and he didn't think twice. Man, I wish I could have that courage. It was so great to see him have the faith and determination to pray and help people. He taught me a good lesson of having faith and courage. 
Well that is all I got.
Oh can I get an answer to this: Where do almonds come from? I was eating a white nectarine and the seed was cracked and I found an almond in it, tasted very powerfully almondy. So Elder Cordon and I have been wondering where they come from.
Elder Townsend
1. Oyo from Crossraods!!!
2. Brother Wong and me wtih the baby pig for dinner!

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